Visakhapatnam Tourism

Exciting is tourism and most exciting is the probable state that will bring about an orientation and an abode of blissful stay. Visakhapatnam which is known to be one of the coastal beauties and is also known to be the city of destiny is best known for tourism. While the city is one of its kind then the place of stay that is associated with respect to accommodations is another. There are ample places to visit that are categorised under nature.


The famous hilltop scenic beauty is known for its view point where an individual can witness the view of entire city. The park that is situated on top of the hill is best tourist destination with the beach around and the play zone. 

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum Vizag

The historical conceptions that fall under this destination can be visualised. It is one of those tourist destinations in the city of destiny that will let people understand the major highlight of the submarine and its operations. 

Simhachalam Temple

To bring about those devotional vibes that are an added glory to the tourist point of view, the Simhachalam Temples serves the right purpose. It stands as a great destination for people to visit and have a devotional gesture. 

Kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary

The kambalakonda wildlife sanctuary is a forest area situated around the local hills of the city Vizag. It is the best places to visit when it is all about a refreshment that people can rely over since it is close to nature. 

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

This tourism destination in Vizag is known for its creatures that are saved for best visualisation. The ones that are turning extinct are brought about by the management which is a great source of knowledge. 

Satisfied tourism with CannyChoice

Hotel Rockdale which comes under the central collection of CannyChoice comes with the means of extravagance that will eradicate all exaggerations of where to stay in order to have a perfect tourism. By not just limiting the standard Hotel Rockdale has been able to evaluate the base of every element that is a requirement for clients. Being one of those city centre hotels that is managed by CannyChoice, Hotel Rockdale has been able to provide the prominence of multi-category rooms with an approach of multi cuisine restaurant. When it is tourism, it is never a chance to minimise the approaches that are a requirement for people. Every factor that falls under tourism criteria is incorporated with the features and benefits that are a requirement. While bringing about a different zone that are to be visited in the city of Vizag it has been able to fulfil needs of tourists that are visiting. 

By making sure that every destination that is to be visited in the city of Vizag, the Hotel Rockdale that falls under the central collections of CannyChoice stands as a convenient means of approach for every client to adhere. Wonderful elements that come along with the package are another source of a great personification that will lift up the spirit of good travel halt in the midst of clients. By enjoying the beauty of the city Vizag, clients can eventually have a great accommodation with a valuable stay that is brought about by any choice

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